About Us

Exchange and Commercialization of Innovation

Tech-Hub is a platform to connect scientists, investors and startups to exchange and commercialize innovations. You can post developed technology solutions and industrials needs for technology. All the data is submitted online and screened in terms of its validity and reliability. After ensuring the realness of the post, the information is allowed to be posted on the portal. IRP Tech Hub is a matchmaker between research based solutions and problems faced by industry and society. We also facilitate startups and innovators in IP management, commercialization and scaling up ideas.

Why We Are

Marriage between potential solution and needs is the great service for humanity. IRP Tech-Hub exists for this service. We host great network of scientists, investors and industrialists and experience of 15 years of innovation commercialization.


The first choice for technology commercialization


By providing reliable information about technology solutions and industry needs. By providing excellent services and facilitation for research commercialization and startup growth.